WEST 2017

AWC WEST 2017, March 6&7, 2017, Hyatt Regency Calgary

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Hear what some of our past attending AWC students told us:

“Thank you for organizing such a fantastic conference! I am so happy that I was able to attend, it truly was inspiring and I have a whole notebook full of highlights to share with my peers! I’ve been encouraging all my girlfriends to mark AWC west 2017 on their calendars!” -Fiona J., Student, St-Francois Xavier, MB

“Very interesting, uplifting and motivating conference that is amazing for young women who often question their decision to enter this industry. This conference smashed all doubts.” -Melissa D., Olds, AB

“The greatest benefit of the conference? To be inspired – and I am fully! So many areas of agriculture to become involved in.” -Brianna C., Dapp, AB

“This is a great conference, but the sponsorship for students was what allowed me to attend. Amazing weekend! Good stories and speakers. I feel inspired to be a part of this industry.” -Briane C., Garafraxa, ON

If you have any questions call 403-686-8407 or email

Ag Students and sponsors come together at AWC!

We have received several excellent applications from students who are interested in being sponsored to attend the Advancing Women Conference and here are their videos. To sponsor one of these students contact us by email at or call us at (403)686-8407.

Below are the links for each student’s video as well as a brief comment from them as to why they feel attending the conference would be of benefit to them.

Applicants + Sponsors

Sara Awatta:

“I was fortunate to have been sponsored last year to attend the conference and it was an unforgettable experience for me. I had the opportunity to learn and engage with women from varied disciplines in agriculture, foster new connections and learn about challenges and opportunities within this vast field. Throughout this past year I have been drawing strength and recalling lessons I have learned during the conference to help push me forward in my academic, professional and personal life. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to be part of this great initiative again this year and to continue to learn from exceptional women in agriculture.” –Sara Awatta, Bachelor of Science in Environmental Policy and Economics, University of Alberta

Danean Edgar:

“As the industry of agriculture is changing, and more women are entering the industry, I believe that it is events like the Advancing Women Conference that will allow women in Ag to gain knowledge and confidence through sessions and networking. By attending this conference, I am certain that I would meet many women that have that extensive knowledge and share that same passion that I do.” -Danean Edgar, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Sasktachewan

Casey Finstad:

“This conference would be a great opportunity to network with other women in agriculture and to hear about their challenges and successes in the industry. At the conference I will be able to gain advice, inspiration, and resources from the speakers as well as the other attendees on how I can begin a career in research.” -Casey Finstad, Animal Science Technology Diploma, Lakeland College

Karis Hutlet:

“I am interested in attending the Advancing Women Conference because I believe that a little inspiration can go a long way. I am passionate about the agricultural industry and this would be an amazing opportunity to learn and grow with other women.” -Karis Hutlet, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Manitoba

Cassie Josephson:

“Attending this conference would be an exceptional privilege and an amazing learning experience to add to my education. This conference will help with my career objective by putting me in contact with the industry leaders and learning from their stories.” -Cassie Josephson, AgriBusiness, University of Saskatchewan

Robyn Kary:

“I think that the Advancing Women Conference is a great opportunity to network with other women in the agriculture industry. As a young woman starting a career in agriculture, it would be very beneficial to speak and share with others who have had similar experiences. This conference is another step in making the connections I need to further my career in the field of agronomy.” –Robyn Kary, Bachelor’s of Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan

Brittany Keisig:

“I would like to attend this conference to be introduced to all the opportunities available to me. Agriculture is something I am passionate about and it will always be an important part of my life, so I hope to be able to attend this conference to earn some tools to be able to advocate for my passion.” -Brittany Keisig, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan

Autumn Lawson:

“I would like to attend the conference to network with other women in ag, and share the like-minded energy of the group. This conference would also provide me with tools to be more competitive in the job market, achieve my goals more effectively, and allow me to bring new ideas and information to the current organizations I am a part of.” -Autumn Lawson, Agriculture/Agribusiness, University of Saskatchewan

Jessica Muxlow:

“Learning about agriculture is a passion of mine. I have worked on a 1200 cow dairy farm in New Zealand to see the different ways of farming. I have also attended Moorepark day in Ireland to learn about the challenges and innovations that the country has faced and learned from years past. Networking and learning from other people is one of the greatest assets in the agriculture community, one of the best ways to do it, is at conferences with like-minded people. After obtaining my University degree, my goal is to pursue a career in dairy nutrition, however, my interests are broad and I am always looking for new opportunities in the agriculture industry. This conference would help me shape my career choice as well as meet inspiring women in the industry who I can learn so much from.” -Jessica Muxlow, Animal Health Major in Food AnimalUniversity of Alberta

Kenza Samlali:

“I met one of the students who went to last years AWC, and she convinced me that it would be a perfect occasion for me to explore agribusiness, and to get inspired and learn about the available resources for young entrepreneurial people like me.” -Kenza Samlali, Bioscience Engineering, Université de Montréal 

Jenay Visscher:

“I’m interested in going to the conference because I think there is such a potential for women in general, especially in the agricultural industry and I want to have my part in it. It’s always an over-asked question when in University, “what are you going for?”, and “what do you want to be?”, it gets hard to answer when you don’t know where you can go and what you can do with your degree. This is where I believe this conference will impact me greatly. I want to get to know the field, the opportunities it has to offer and how a woman can play a role in it. I would expect the program to give me insight and inspiration to follow a career that I know will not only be right for me but will allow me to be a role model for other women in the agriculture field.” -BSC in Agriculture, University of Alberta

Veronica Warkentin:

“Attending the Advancing Women Conference will give me the opportunity to become familiar with the history and evolution of the agriculture industry in relation to women’s roles, and give me a better sense of the industry at large. My goal is to network with experienced individuals as well as those who, like me, are starting a long journey.” -Veronica Warkentin, Agricultural Biology, University of Saskatchewan

Allison Witzel:

“I am interested in attending the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference because it will provide me with an opportunity to network with other women in the agriculture industry who share similar passions, motivation and commitment. I also am seeking to gain encouragement, advice and guidance in regards to dealing with challenges, hardships, triumphs and trials in a male-dominated industry which continues to slowly shift focus; providing females with many career opportunities. This conference will also allow me to grow, develop and gain communication and leadership skills. Something I take pride in is sharing my story with other producers and consumers. I enjoy discovering new resources and tools to help better communicate and inform consumers about where their food comes and the love and care that went into producing it. I would be able to share the knowledge and resources gained from this event with friends, family and fellow peers; in order to help improve the perceptions and confidence of women in agriculture. Overall, it would be a huge honor and privilege to attend this conference.” -Allison Witzel, Bachelor of Applied Science Agri-business, Olds College

Katelynn Wychopen:

“Attending the Advancing Woman Conference would give me the opportunity to meet and network with many women who share the same passion as I do for the growing agriculture industry. I hope to connect with many woman and be enlightened by the challenges and success they have encountered along their journey.  Each woman has a unique story and advice to share, which will help me along my career path.” –Katelynn Wychopen, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, University of Saskatchewan